On Flow Digital App

OnFlow is a next generation entertainment platform, with a combination of specific tools and technology unmatched by any other platform. Catering to action sports athletes eager to show of their skills, OnFlow allows any user to drop video pins documenting the exact locations they’ve conquered on places like city architecture, mountain tops, skate parks, beaches, plotting a trail of personalized content along a map of the world and allowing other users to discover new spots in unfamiliar territory.

OnFlow’s initial marketing efforts focused on the most popular action sport—skateboarding. As the platform gains traction, marketing efforts will expand to include other genres.

OnFlow’s launch has come at a time when the geo- targeting trend is growing, with successful apps already in categories like social, dating, restaurants, shopping and more. The entertainment content space is now being led by OnFlow alone, giving the platform a huge competitive advantage over apps like Instagram and Vine that lack robust location features.

OnFlow officially launched on October 3, 2014 in Apple’s App store, with over 14,000 users in over 85 countries including notable pros and amateurs in the skateboarding world.

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